Posted: May 18, 2011 in Rima de la capatul tunelului
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My actions melt before your words,
My dreams are fading backwards,
My intentions die before they start
As you drift away from me and fart.

Trying hard your mind to change,
For you my life I rearrange,
I’m struggling to avoid the end,
But you just waive, turn red and fart again.

In traducere mai mult sau mai putin libera…

Actiunile se topesc in fata vorbelor tale,
visele mi se naruie in intoarcere,
imi omori intentia inainte de a se naste
in timp ce te indepartezi basindu-te.

Incerc din greu sa te rasgandesc,
pentru tine viata-mi rearanjez,
ma strofoc sa evit sfarsitul,
insa tu imi faci cu mana, te inrosesti si din nou basesti.


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